Learning 2.0 free eBook by Jeff Cobb

My boss’ boss has been circulating emails of late that are intended to provoke into thinking about ‘digital natives/immigrants’ and how this may affect our work in the learning design field.

I’m going to pass along this ebook, by Jeff Cobb – Mission to Learn … cuz’ as much as I can get into discussions about this stuff, the talking-about-it mode keeps everything at a philosophy or theoretical level. I want some simple (key concept!) explanations and examples … ways to try stuff out.

And that’s what this ebook can do, I think, in the conversations at work.

He starts off with explaining the dynamics and characteristics of learning 2.0 … in comparison to learning 1.0/1.5 … In his own words:

Learners themselves begin to drive many—and, in
some cases, all—aspects of the learning experience, including the creation, co-creation,
and sharing of key knowledge.

He then goes on to discuss examples and possibilities of how they can be used:

Podcasting … whereby he makes the point that when learners create podcasts, they’re learning by doing rather than passively listening or reading.

Blogs, video on demand, photo sharing (ala Flickr) and slide sharing (such as SlideShare), virtual worlds, social bookmarking (as in delicious), wikis, social networking all get mentioned and explained.  

He ends the report with a list of resources and suggested tools … and some simple words of advice … “get your hands dirty” … give some of these a try and think about how they could be used (even in some small way) for learning.

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