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Decided the approach to take to include social computing in a learning program

Okay, so the title is somewhat long and certainly not “sexy” … but it’s clear as to what this post is about. I’ve been working through how to incorporate social computing into learning programs … I’ve mused about this in … Continue reading

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Social layer in learning

Following up from my previous thoughts on the use of social computing in learning … I’ve had several conversations about how to incorporate social computing technology into learning experiences. At the time I thought of it in two ways: Embedded … Continue reading

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Power of “Word of Mouth” – Keynote Follow up with Jonathan Kopp

My collection of notes from the session at Learning2010  as Jonathan Kopp delved further into his discussion from the opening session – they are not in any particular order; they are unedited (translation: may seem random and disjointed); they include … Continue reading

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Social Network Technology for Learning – What’s the Hook?

Lots of talk, writing, webinars, head-nodding, perhaps even gnashing of teeth around social networking technologies for learning in an enterprise. There seems to be lots of promise as well as many words of caution … some advocating its adoption and … Continue reading

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Do companies TRULY embrace social learning – yes and no

@jentolbert tweeted, “curious, do you think companies are TRULY embracing social learning?” I don’t think I can limit my reply to 140 characters … except to brusquely say “yes and no” or “perhaps, it depends.” So, let the blogging begin. … Continue reading

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Chicken Little – Facebook, Myspace and Games ‘Infantalising’ Our Minds

(I hesitated to post this because I thought it might be overly snippy and snarky … but after re-reading the Guardian’s article and thinking about what Lady Greenfield had to say, I decided to go ahead and post – snarkiness … Continue reading

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Overheard: I don’t get it … and … I don’t do email

The other day I overheard two people talking about how they communicate with groups. The first person said that she just signed up for Facebook, and then said, “I just don’t get it.” The conversation proceeded … the first person … Continue reading

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