‘Technolust’ – Conflicts on what’s most important in schools

From a Washington Post article: A School That’s Too High on Gizmos – an opinion piece from one of the teachers at the school. 

It seems that the primary focus – the reason for the school in the first place, the students, are being sacrificed on the altar of the administration’s ego.  It doesn’t even have to be technology per se.  It can be about any admin-mandated injection of something. 

Anyone who wants to advocate introducing the latest-and-greatest tech or gadget (and this is true in my world of the corporate training field … not just the school system) should make a reasonable case as to its benefits to the students or end-users. 

Not trying to be a curmudgeon here – after all, I’m often the one in my team who’s asking, “why don’t we use such-and-such?” But if this opinion’s piece is accurate, then these administrators are making my job (and the job of others like me) even more difficult than it is.  Someone can pull this story out and say, “see! I told you that all this stuff won’t work.”


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