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what if things looked like this?

So the other day I inserted my tongue firmly in my cheek (and bit my tongue quite frequently doing so) to outline what I see as a real problem with many many many instructional designs. [If video games were designed … Continue reading

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Social Network Technology for Learning – What’s the Hook?

Lots of talk, writing, webinars, head-nodding, perhaps even gnashing of teeth around social networking technologies for learning in an enterprise. There seems to be lots of promise as well as many words of caution … some advocating its adoption and … Continue reading

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Overheard: I don’t get it … and … I don’t do email

The other day I overheard two people talking about how they communicate with groups. The first person said that she just signed up for Facebook, and then said, “I just don’t get it.” The conversation proceeded … the first person … Continue reading

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Slashdot: US Control of Internet Remains an Issue  … my question: what is a truly good or compelling reason for this? I’ve not yet heard one – other than they just don’t like the U.S. having it. Gotta be a … Continue reading

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Friday fun – Facebook Stalker

Saw a link to this from someone I’m friends with on Twitter … really funny, I thought. (Need to click the link to go to that page to view video) Facebook Stalker

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