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eLearning and PowerPoint Templates – the need to grow your own

Found this post from The Rapid eLearning Blog … Most PowerPoint templates are designed for standard bullet point presentations.  They’re not really designed for elearning courses. … Which hasn’t stopped folks I know from using those bullet-point-intended templates … and … Continue reading

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Slashdot: US Control of Internet Remains an Issue  … my question: what is a truly good or compelling reason for this? I’ve not yet heard one – other than they just don’t like the U.S. having it. Gotta be a … Continue reading

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Clive’s PPT Fairytale

As soon as I posted on More PPT to Web Stuff, I came across Clive Shepherd’s post: Elliott Masie and the Emperor’s New Slide Show (okay, okay – this is a post from 2005 … yet somehow my RSS reader showed … Continue reading

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More PPT to Web Stuff – social networks (cool) – bad content (still around)

I’ve tried SlideShare … hey! it’s pretty good.  For what it is meant to do … I’m very very leery of folks using bad ppt presentations that reflects poorly on the tool itself … I’m just not a big fan of slapping … Continue reading

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List of Online Collaboration Tools and Services

Lots of links/sites and tools to explore from this article … to research and bring together the very best in terms of online real-time collaboration tools which can be used to enhance, extend and amplify your communication reach when working at-a-distance. … Continue reading

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Just what I (don’t) need! another presentation tool

In the last two days I’ve come across several blog entries here and here that touted 2006 as the year when online presentation tools became ‘easy to use’ and powerful.’ … Okaaaaay, I’ll play along … Just how difficult was … Continue reading

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