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Invited to a Game-Based Learning/Virtual World workgroup

Cool! A small workgroup has been created to explore game-based learning and the use of virtual worlds for learning. They’ve invited me to join them. I hope that this is more than just “exploring” … that we get to tackle … Continue reading

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Capture BlackBerry Screens

I’ve been with a small group working on mobile learning in my organization for several months now, and have managed to deploy several well-received learning projects. One problem is that it is nearly impossible to show others (who do not … Continue reading

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Valuable to Whom? Trouble with Stakeholders Who Think they Know

The one who controls the purse strings pretty much calls the shots. So, of course, we (who rely on their paying for our services and realize that they could just as easily go to some other group or organization who … Continue reading

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Are we REALLY in the “learning” business? Really? (my Inigo Montoya moment)

Many favorite lines from The Princess Bride movie – one of them is when Inigo Montoya says to Vizzini, “You keep saying that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”  And I had that line race … Continue reading

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Information overload of training for new hires

During a conversation yesterday I was told that a group of new hires (for which I’ve been charged with developing a process training program) has just started their orientation and training this week. When I heard what they’re being put … Continue reading

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Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Management – Is there a difference?

“So, how is this different from knowledge management?” As I discuss a knowledge transfer (KT) methodology it’s not a question that gets asked a whole lot; but when it is it tends to sidetrack the meeting or presentation.  The questioner … Continue reading

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The offending section (that ticked off the consultant)

I posted about how I managed to tick off a consultant when I included a short section on a kind of what-is-knowledge … Well, here is the offending writing … (keep in mind that this is only one page in … Continue reading

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