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Common Craft at it again: Podcasting in Plain English

Common Craft’s latest offering … Check it out Despite being around for years, podcasting is often misunderstood. This video is our way of building awareness and hopefully adoption of a technology that any computer user can use.

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Uncle Jay’s news word for this Monday: concoct

Once again, Uncle Jay offers his take on the news of the week …

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Get your news fix from Uncle Jay for 11/12/07

This week’s Monday morning news fix from Uncle Jay …

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One way I get ready on Mondays – funny site: Uncle Jay Explains the News

I’ve only just discovered this … with its subtitle: “helping small minds understand big news,” Uncle Jay is a persona that I remember from the earlier days of TV … you know … that nice, calm, sweet talking head that … Continue reading

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Excellent Podcast Series from BBC Radio

A friend turned me onto the BBC podcast series: In Our Time It’s basically a series of roundtable discussions, hosted by Melvyn Bragg (I remember seeing him as the TV host for a series on the history of English … just … Continue reading

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News from Lake Wobegon

I love A Prairie Home Companion … I was introduced to this show when in college; and it became a ritual for Sundays to tune in and listen. And now I just discovered that APHC has put the News from … Continue reading

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Dejas Vu All Over Again (not everything needs to be in the LMS)

A few years ago I had a conversation (nearly approaching an argument) with a colleague when our client was deploying a new LMS. The gist was that there was an EPSS which, he claimed, needed to be placed in the … Continue reading

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