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Mobile context

I have had conversations with folks where I mention the need for an instructional designer to understand the context for a mobile experience. Here’s what I mean … Example 1: I’m standing on the grocery store checkout line. I take … Continue reading

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Some more favorite tweets from this week

Quote attributed to C.S. Lewis, “Children are not deceived by fairy stories, they are often and gravely deceived by school.” Tons of mobile learning resources (via @TheConsultantsE) … mLearning in Practice Course Resources … contains a lot of links to … Continue reading

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mLearning: Revolutionizing Education

Ten tips or ideas from Fabio Sergio that looks at some ideas on how mLearning (mobile learning) is beginning to and will continue to ‘revolutionize’ learning from school through corporations and beyond – into lifelong learning. See on – … Continue reading

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Ode to Mobile Performance Support by Allison Rossett : Learning Solutions Magazine

See on – Mobile Learning Design Published in August 2010, these observations from Allison Rossett still ring true as organizations are diving into mobile learning implementation. “… there was another idea that grabbed just as much attention. That idea … Continue reading

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Decided the approach to take to include social computing in a learning program

Okay, so the title is somewhat long and certainly not “sexy” … but it’s clear as to what this post is about. I’ve been working through how to incorporate social computing into learning programs … I’ve mused about this in … Continue reading

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Beginning conversations and thoughts on social tech in learning

I’ve been working through conversations and very small experiments in using social computing tech for learning programs. And these conversations are only the very beginning of how to incorporate social computing technology. These are my own ramblings as I now … Continue reading

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Learning2010 – a deeper dive into Communities

Day 2, session 404 … #L2010 … at Learning2010 A great conversation facilitated by Diane Hessan. I have to admit that I hadn’t planned on attending this one … but her general session presentation inspired me to follow up … … Continue reading

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Day 2 Learning 2010 – recap: Mobile Support

#L2010 … I came in a bit skeptical – not so much about the use of mobile devices for support – I believe in that absolutely … but more about that there needs to be a distinction made between learning … Continue reading

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Social Network Technology for Learning – What’s the Hook?

Lots of talk, writing, webinars, head-nodding, perhaps even gnashing of teeth around social networking technologies for learning in an enterprise. There seems to be lots of promise as well as many words of caution … some advocating its adoption and … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: You’re a genuine New Jerseyan if …

I hail from the Garden State (New Jersey) and still live/work in this most densely populated state in the USA. So, I saw this list and got quite a chuckle (okay – I’ll admit a few guffaws every now and … Continue reading

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