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Do you play Free Rice? You should

Saw this at eLearning across the globe … I started to play the FreeRice game awhile ago … admittedly haven’t been playing for awhile now. But after seeing this video, I’m going to pick it up again.

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Learning Opportunity: Connectivism

(H/T: Dennis Coxe) Stephen Downes and George Siemens are offering a 12-week, college-level course looking at the latest theory of learning: Connectivism. The course is free to audit or you can pay and receive college credit. Here’s how they describe … Continue reading

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(video) Learning to Change; Changing to Learn

The US Department of Commerce ranked 55 industry sectors based on their level of IT intensiveness. Education ranked 55 – the lowest – below coal mining. The thoughts on this video have a resonance since we’ve just suffered through the … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not Use Wikipedia

(it could be any wiki, really) … Read a short essay of how a teacher announced to his class that if he learns that a student has used Wikipedia to do research, the student automatically gets an F. The essay … Continue reading

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While going through the kid’s school papers – that unfunded mandated rears its ugly head again

So now we’ve returned to that annual event of – ahem – practicing for the state’s standardized tests which will, among other things, waste enormous amounts of time and money.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m all for some sort of … Continue reading

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When teaching technology – PLEASE teach technology!

This current term for the kid in school now includes a “special” titled Technology (last term the special was Music).  I asked if he meant ‘computers’ and he said quite emphatically, “No.” Okay then … it’s Technology. The class just … Continue reading

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