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I never noticed this before

So gamification has come to my blog here … I never noticed this before, for two reasons: First is likely because I’ve not been posting until recently. So, I couldn’t quite tell when this little feature was put into place. … Continue reading

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what if things looked like this?

So the other day I inserted my tongue firmly in my cheek (and bit my tongue quite frequently doing so) to outline what I see as a real problem with many many many instructional designs. [If video games were designed … Continue reading

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quote of the morning from Brent Schlenker

As he recaps some of his experiences at the Innovations in eLearning conference … great statement: I’m certain some of the more traditional learning designers wonder why some of us find kindred spirits in the likes of game designers.  The simple … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t it be great? – what would it take?

My family has been anxiously awaiting the release of a new video game. We know that we are going to buy it; the issue is whether we’ll buy it now or wait for a little while and buy it used … Continue reading

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Chicken Little – Facebook, Myspace and Games ‘Infantalising’ Our Minds

(I hesitated to post this because I thought it might be overly snippy and snarky … but after re-reading the Guardian’s article and thinking about what Lady Greenfield had to say, I decided to go ahead and post – snarkiness … Continue reading

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Invited to a Game-Based Learning/Virtual World workgroup

Cool! A small workgroup has been created to explore game-based learning and the use of virtual worlds for learning. They’ve invited me to join them. I hope that this is more than just “exploring” … that we get to tackle … Continue reading

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Do you play Free Rice? You should

Saw this at eLearning across the globe … I started to play the FreeRice game awhile ago … admittedly haven’t been playing for awhile now. But after seeing this video, I’m going to pick it up again.

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