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Coffee Cup Browsing Feb 27

Finding a bunch of unrelated things of interest … I’ve heard (and even said) that a good story is an excellent means to learning something. Instructional storytelling – methinks we need to learn how to do this well. Interesting when … Continue reading

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Conversation: Setting Expectations & Motivation

I’ve been having a series of conversations about a project I’m working on … and as luck would have it, Cathy Moore posted a good piece of advice: How to make course objectives more motivational Set the stage … this … Continue reading

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Readability test – get thee to high school

Found this on Harold Jarche’s blog … It turns out that my blog has a high school reading level.  They don’t reveal the way in which this is calculated, which would have been nice. And it brings back to mind … Continue reading

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Is it grammar, style or just plain ol’ poor design and development?

Started going through a mandatory set of info-sessions and mini-training progs on our new Quality Assurance process.  This is something that has been in the works for quite awhile; and it is something that we really needed to pay attention … Continue reading

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I’ve had this conversation before – conversational vs formal tone

Found this insightful post by Kathy at Creating Passionate Users … Conversational writing kicks formal writing’s ass … (I’m a big fan of this blog BTW) … If you want people to learn and remember what you write, say it … Continue reading

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