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I never noticed this before

So gamification has come to my blog here … I never noticed this before, for two reasons: First is likely because I’ve not been posting until recently. So, I couldn’t quite tell when this little feature was put into place. … Continue reading

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From the spam filter

Only occassionally do I visit the collection of spam my blog gets … today’s winner: “Sweet web site , super layout, very clean and apply genial” Who am I to argue with that? I’m only too happy to ‘apply genial.’ … Continue reading

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If you could recommend just one blog

I’ve been trumpeting the virtues of web2.0 along with other colleagues for awhile at work. Not many people have taken up the challenge, sad to say (subject for another post I think). Yet I did get one question posed to … Continue reading

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Lazy Bloggers Post Generator

Too funny … The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator

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Readability test – get thee to high school

Found this on Harold Jarche’s blog … It turns out that my blog has a high school reading level.  They don’t reveal the way in which this is calculated, which would have been nice. And it brings back to mind … Continue reading

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Last blast of Summer – going on vacation – no blogging for awhile

In my part of the world, school doesn’t start until after the Labor Day holiday. It’s always been this way … I managed to learn the reasons why, which are interesting but irrelevant in today’s world (perhaps I’ll blog on … Continue reading

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Tag! I’m It – 8 Random Facts

I’ve arrived! I’ve arrived!  I just got meme tagged for the very first time from Natalie over at Design for Learning.  Cool! So, first I post the rules: Post these rules before you give your facts List 8 random facts … Continue reading

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