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Do companies TRULY embrace social learning – yes and no

@jentolbert tweeted, “curious, do you think companies are TRULY embracing social learning?” I don’t think I can limit my reply to 140 characters … except to brusquely say “yes and no” or “perhaps, it depends.” So, let the blogging begin. … Continue reading

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Firewalling knowledge workers

From Ignatia Webs … AG08 breakfast bytes about managing knowledge, personal and team productivity … One of the biggest problems in companies is the firewall if you want to work with social media. You need to ask permission and you … Continue reading

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KPMG Survey on Enterprise2.0/Web2.0

Interesting information from a KPMG survey:  Web 2.0 Tools Fostering Collaboration – and Risk. Trying to bring participative web apps/platforms/tools into work (focusing on getting tasks done or managing a small project) is generally not difficult on an individual level. … Continue reading

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Collaboration isn’t easy. Duh! But ignore at your peril

Irwin Lazar at Collaboration Loop has an article: Collaboration Is Hard, Let’s Go Shopping … where he opines about his experiences with organizations who try to deploy collaboration tools and platforms. In my conversations with enterprises I’ve seen hodge-podge of … Continue reading

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I dread these kind of meetings/gatherings

I am a “virtual employee” – this is the language used in my firm. Oh, I’m real enough … it’s just that I work from home … far far far away from the central hub that is the office building … Continue reading

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She’s one of the busiest project managers on the team (Umm – So What?)

I was facilitating a presentation between India and US teams … and near the end of the presentation, a team leader chimed in (with the intent of praising the project manager) saying, “She’s one of the busiest project managers we … Continue reading

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"Focus should be on design and adoption patterns" – Maybe the CIO’s and their minions are just plain wrong

From ComputerWeekly … an article that makes some really great points (although I must admit that I was skeptical from its title) – Social software is improving collaboration The end of the article has some bullets on how to implement … Implementing … Continue reading

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