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mLearning: Revolutionizing Education

Ten tips or ideas from Fabio Sergio that looks at some ideas on how mLearning (mobile learning) is beginning to and will continue to ‘revolutionize’ learning from school through corporations and beyond – into lifelong learning. See on – … Continue reading

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Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Management – Is there a difference?

“So, how is this different from knowledge management?” As I discuss a knowledge transfer (KT) methodology it’s not a question that gets asked a whole lot; but when it is it tends to sidetrack the meeting or presentation.  The questioner … Continue reading

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In which I tick off a consultant – (Knowledge Transfer)

Was called to work on another knowledge transfer project where the client is transitioning a series of functions from one office location to another. The people aren’t moving to the new location – just the function; and there is concern … Continue reading

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Knowledge Transfer – Hearing about this a lot lately

A term that I’ve been hearing a lot more is knowledge transfer … have been for the last several months now. And I’ve had an opportunity to develop a knowledge transfer methodology for a client (which is one reason for … Continue reading

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Collaboration is about people

James Robertson has some thoughts about collaboration – bringing up the point that it is first and foremost about people … or person-to-person interactions and dynamics.  Some of my favorite lil’ gems … It make no sense to roll out … Continue reading

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Back – only to leave again for a short while

been waaaaaaay too long since I’ve last posted something (nearly a month!). Not for lack of desire … well … I’ll spare you the details. Monday and all next week I’ll be stuck inside meeting rooms with one of my … Continue reading

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Google Docs in Plain English – from CommonCraft

Hot diggity! another simple and straightforward explanation of Google Docs. These guys at CommonCraft simply rock! Oh to send this to everyone I work with who still insist on emailing the design documents, storyboards, and such … ARRRRRRRRGH (by the … Continue reading

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Knowledge Sharing Barriers – Not Sure How to Get Past These

Have been doing research for my project at work and came across this article: Three-dozen knowledge sharing barriers As useful as this list may be, I’m still plagued by the issue of how to get past these … (the technology … Continue reading

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Collanos: H’awesome and Free Team Collaboration

Cut to the chase … you must check it out: Collanos Software (first saw this featured on Collaboration Loop) Did I say that you must check it out? … I have been looking for some kind of collaboration tool or … Continue reading

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How to start a Wiki

An interview with Ross Mayfield by Paul Dunay … Whether you are a beginner or an expert in wikis, you need to hear Ross Mayfield co-founder and CEO of SocialText Wiki software. He will describe the best way to roll … Continue reading

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