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Friday Fun: One of the reasons they invented YouTube

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Star Trek

Cool! This is set to be released in May of 2009 And it looks like it’s got a good cast and some pretty awesome special effects. Sure hope the story is good.

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Arrrr – Talk Like a Pirate Day be the 19th

Tomorrow is the annual Talk Like a Pirate Day (I don’t know who invented it, nor do I care … it’s just fun) And for those who may be interested, my pirate name … My pirate name is: Bloody Roger … Continue reading

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Something fun: the Peanuts & the Joy of Vid Editing Software

When one is bored and has a lot of time on one’s hands …

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Lazy Bloggers Post Generator

Too funny … The Lazy Bloggers Post Generator

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Cool Stuff – Tron

We’re so used to CGI effects … here’s something a bit different … the light cycle race from Tron using stop motion.  Tron by freres-hueon  

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Free Comic Book Day – May 3

Get your geek on tomorrow (Saturday, May 3rd) with Free Comic Book Day. Check out the details and to find a participating store near you.

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