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That “digital natives” thing again …

Can we just dispense with the “digital natives versus digital immigrants” thing, please? Here’s an infographic that proposes digital natives being more “wired” for mobile learning experiences … as opposed to whom? If I continue with the distinction of ‘native … Continue reading

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ยป mlearning Michelle’s blog “Are we wired for mobile learning?”

Curated via … showing an infographic regarding the expectations of the “net generation” regarding the us of mobile technology in learning experiences … See on – Mobile Learning Design With learning technology moving quickly and changing the way … Continue reading

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Chicken Little – Facebook, Myspace and Games ‘Infantalising’ Our Minds

(I hesitated to post this because I thought it might be overly snippy and snarky … but after re-reading the Guardian’s article and thinking about what Lady Greenfield had to say, I decided to go ahead and post – snarkiness … Continue reading

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Survey: Employers feel GenY and Web2.0 are significantly different

From Clive on Learning: How are employers responding to GenY and Web2.0 … based on this survey – they’re pretty much not responding. Clive notes: So, managers seem to find the subject interesting and recognise its importance, but either have … Continue reading

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Overheard: I don’t get it … and … I don’t do email

The other day I overheard two people talking about how they communicate with groups. The first person said that she just signed up for Facebook, and then said, “I just don’t get it.” The conversation proceeded … the first person … Continue reading

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(video) Learning to Change; Changing to Learn

The US Department of Commerce ranked 55 industry sectors based on their level of IT intensiveness. Education ranked 55 – the lowest – below coal mining. The thoughts on this video have a resonance since we’ve just suffered through the … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not Use Wikipedia

(it could be any wiki, really) … Read a short essay of how a teacher announced to his class that if he learns that a student has used Wikipedia to do research, the student automatically gets an F. The essay … Continue reading

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