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39% Unsuccessful Search Rate Among Google Users

Hmmmm … news about a survey conducted by Boost eLearning (a self-proclaimed pioneer in Google search training for organizations) indicates that 39% of Google searches fail, which leads to lost productivity. And it is apparently 40+ hours of lost productivity. … Continue reading

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Information overload of training for new hires

During a conversation yesterday I was told that a group of new hires (for which I’ve been charged with developing a process training program) has just started their orientation and training this week. When I heard what they’re being put … Continue reading

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Reflections & Experiences on in-house, out-house

From Clive Shepherd’s blog: In-house, out-house, that old question He presents three basic options for learning development in an organization – move it all out, keep it all in, compromise with a small in-house group and use outside contractors where … Continue reading

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KPMG Survey on Enterprise2.0/Web2.0

Interesting information from a KPMG survey:  Web 2.0 Tools Fostering Collaboration – and Risk. Trying to bring participative web apps/platforms/tools into work (focusing on getting tasks done or managing a small project) is generally not difficult on an individual level. … Continue reading

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Google Docs in Plain English – from CommonCraft

Hot diggity! another simple and straightforward explanation of Google Docs. These guys at CommonCraft simply rock! Oh to send this to everyone I work with who still insist on emailing the design documents, storyboards, and such … ARRRRRRRRGH (by the … Continue reading

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NY Times article: brain gets bigger with exercise

(Read the entire article here )… Turns out that physical exercise is good for your brain as well as your body. Conventional wisdom had long held that animal (and human) brains weren’t malleable: after a brief window early in life, the … Continue reading

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I like taking small steps

I’ve been following Harold Jarche’s posts lately on knowledge resilience and informal learning which really is a series of short entries … each one giving some great nuggets of info.  Here’s to get you started in his series … Small … Continue reading

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