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Coffee Cup Browsing Feb 27

Finding a bunch of unrelated things of interest … I’ve heard (and even said) that a good story is an excellent means to learning something. Instructional storytelling – methinks we need to learn how to do this well. Interesting when … Continue reading

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mLearning Virtual Conference Day 2 – My Notes

Okay – the elearning guild virtual conference on mLearning has finished. Overall – a decent conference that did offer some new and interesting information for me. Session 4: Learning a-la-mode – Really good session … tons of information … focused … Continue reading

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mLearning Virtual Conference Day 1 – My Notes

A colleague and I are attending the elearning guild’s virtual conference/online forum on mLearning (big thank you to our leadership for helping to make this happen for us). Notes from yesterday (November 20): Session 1: Towards Personal, Mobile & Location … Continue reading

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Jay Cross’ conference mashup

life’s too short for  linear video Jay Cross just posted a mashup video of conference presentations made at Learning Technologies 2008. Absolutely worth checking out … for both the content that’s shown as well as for the concept of a … Continue reading

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Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Management – Is there a difference?

“So, how is this different from knowledge management?” As I discuss a knowledge transfer (KT) methodology it’s not a question that gets asked a whole lot; but when it is it tends to sidetrack the meeting or presentation.  The questioner … Continue reading

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Slashdot: US Control of Internet Remains an Issue  … my question: what is a truly good or compelling reason for this? I’ve not yet heard one – other than they just don’t like the U.S. having it. Gotta be a … Continue reading

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PowerPoint bullets don’t kill people – people do (those who give really boring presentations)

Here’s another – and to my mind, well done – “death by PowerPoint” presentation.  

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Web3.0 – fuhgettaboutit. Can I get my 2.0 first?

( Link ) Network World – Gartner touts Web 2.0, scoffs at sequel said Tom Austin, a Gartner fellow …. “The biggest problem with Enterprise 2.0 is thinking about it as ‘what product do I buy and how many people … Continue reading

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Enterprise 2.0 – "Social Networking within the firewall…"

Meet Charlie … an interesting Slideshare presentation that (IMHO) explains the concepts of this thing called enterprise 2.0 … extolling the use of RSS, wikis, blogs, social networking, web-based collaboration and project management, and podcasting, to name a few. Sounds promising, … Continue reading

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Adobe seminar with Dr. Ruth Clark – Tips on creating effective elearning

Silke Fleischer has a notice for a “e-seminar” which sounds very interesting … Friday the 24th at 10am Pacific Time, we are going to have an eseminar with Dr. Ruth Clark as part of our Luminary eSeminars series. I’ll join … Continue reading

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