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PowerPoint bullets don’t kill people – people do (those who give really boring presentations)

Here’s another – and to my mind, well done – “death by PowerPoint” presentation.   Advertisements

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A different kind of code – Leonardo painted a piece of music perhaps

Just read: Leonardo painting has coded ‘soundtrack’ from Yahoo News & AP … Now this is the kind of ‘code’ that is interesting to me because of the correlation between the visual and auditory – between the painting and the music … Continue reading

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Scratch – from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT – a visual programming language

First of all … I LOVE the moniker “lifelong kindergarten group“! … okay … that’s out of the way. Someone mentioned this to me awhile ago, (I even saw it listed in a Wired How To, which I referred to … Continue reading

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Visuwords – Really neat visual dictionary

It’s all about relationships, baby … and the richness of seeing (this works for me since I’m a very visual learner) the relationships. Visuwords is the latest thing that’s made it into my bookmarks. It is graphical dictionary where you … Continue reading

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Collaborative mind mapping – I’m lovin’ it

For the visual learner in me … my primary preference (which is odd given that I’ve been a music student and professional musician for a long time – one would think I’m more auditory … but for me it’s more … Continue reading

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Getting Organized – and the Tools I’ve Tried

I’m a visual thinker. Organizing my projects, research and work … and to do so easily (ha!) … and staying organized what with all the many new demands being made of me … a challenge to say the least. I’m … Continue reading

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