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But why use a wiki?

I absolutely love having conversations like the one I had yesterday afternoon. A colleague called to “pick my brains” (of whatever might be left) about using a wiki for a work group. The conversation started with, “But why not just … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not Use Wikipedia

(it could be any wiki, really) … Read a short essay of how a teacher announced to his class that if he learns that a student has used Wikipedia to do research, the student automatically gets an F. The essay … Continue reading

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Enterprise 2.0 – "Social Networking within the firewall…"

Meet Charlie … an interesting Slideshare presentation that (IMHO) explains the concepts of this thing called enterprise 2.0 … extolling the use of RSS, wikis, blogs, social networking, web-based collaboration and project management, and podcasting, to name a few. Sounds promising, … Continue reading

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Collaboration isn’t easy. Duh! But ignore at your peril

Irwin Lazar at Collaboration Loop has an article: Collaboration Is Hard, Let’s Go Shopping … where he opines about his experiences with organizations who try to deploy collaboration tools and platforms. In my conversations with enterprises I’ve seen hodge-podge of … Continue reading

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a pragmatic (not cynical) view of the state of Enterprise Wiki

Melanie Turek at Collaboration Loop put up an article about her thoughts and experiences around enterprise wikis. And it got me ta thinking … hers has been my own experience by and large. I’ve used and continue to use wikis … Continue reading

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Wiki Pedagogy

Excellent and in-depth article by Renee Fountain on Wiki Pedagogy. This article deals with all sorts of things about wikis … from what they are (in a nutshell) to how they are being used in education settings … with plenty … Continue reading

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How to start a Wiki

An interview with Ross Mayfield by Paul Dunay … Whether you are a beginner or an expert in wikis, you need to hear Ross Mayfield co-founder and CEO of SocialText Wiki software. He will describe the best way to roll … Continue reading

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