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One head is better than two or more

Marc Andreessen quotes from the book The Medici Effect in his post Why brainstorming is a bad idea. And apparently, this has been demonstrated to be so waaaaaaay back in 1958! To their surprise, the researchers found that virtual groups, … Continue reading

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Wanna stay smart? Don’t go to any more meetings

( link ) An article from MSNBC online – “Meetings makes us dumber, study shows” cites: People have a harder time coming up with alternative solutions to a problem when they are part of a group, new research suggests Another … Continue reading

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Collaborative mind mapping – I’m lovin’ it

For the visual learner in me … my primary preference (which is odd given that I’ve been a music student and professional musician for a long time – one would think I’m more auditory … but for me it’s more … Continue reading

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In the last several days I have noticed no fewer than 12 posts in different blogs that I follow mention – which is an online visual organization and brainstorming tool … (to only highlight a few) …  here’s one, … Continue reading

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