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Untruth in advertising

Also titled, “If only your webinar content matched the title you gave it.”  Or, “Geez, I’d love to get that hour back in my life.” So I attended a webinar – signed up for it basically from the title and … Continue reading

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if you call that customer service then why bother?

So there’s a notice on the bottom of a PAID utility bill from PSEG warning of a cutoff of services. And now we have to call their customer service department … which clearly is a misnomer since we are told … Continue reading

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Com-sux-tic: They actually train them to do this?!?

We’ve had serious problems with our cable TV connection. Dreading the conversation I knew was going to occur, we called Comcast, our provider … of course we had to walk through the typical ‘punch list’ items of: “Please unplug the … Continue reading

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Hey Adobe – Webinar registration FAIL

So – I wanted to sign up for a lil’ ol’ webinar hosted by Adobe. In this age of easy and fast I get this first screen when trying to sign up: (click the image for a larger version) So, … Continue reading

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If you want me to read it, then don’t ask me to register

I really hate it when organizations, individuals, companies, whatever try to make me jump through hoops just so they can provide me something for free. Case in point … I received an email that read in part (click the image … Continue reading

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Slashdot: US Control of Internet Remains an Issue  … my question: what is a truly good or compelling reason for this? I’ve not yet heard one – other than they just don’t like the U.S. having it. Gotta be a … Continue reading

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When the training doesn’t stick (perhaps it did)

A recent experience at our local Target store just boils me. Ya know … the store employees might very well be pleasant and helpful and all. But not in my case. And certainly not this time. The cashier scans my … Continue reading

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