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Power of “Word of Mouth” – Keynote Follow up with Jonathan Kopp

My collection of notes from the session at Learning2010  as Jonathan Kopp delved further into his discussion from the opening session – they are not in any particular order; they are unedited (translation: may seem random and disjointed); they include … Continue reading

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Do companies TRULY embrace social learning – yes and no

@jentolbert tweeted, “curious, do you think companies are TRULY embracing social learning?” I don’t think I can limit my reply to 140 characters … except to brusquely say “yes and no” or “perhaps, it depends.” So, let the blogging begin. … Continue reading

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But why use a wiki?

I absolutely love having conversations like the one I had yesterday afternoon. A colleague called to “pick my brains” (of whatever might be left) about using a wiki for a work group. The conversation started with, “But why not just … Continue reading

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If you could recommend just one blog

I’ve been trumpeting the virtues of web2.0 along with other colleagues for awhile at work. Not many people have taken up the challenge, sad to say (subject for another post I think). Yet I did get one question posed to … Continue reading

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mLearning Virtual Conference Day 1 – My Notes

A colleague and I are attending the elearning guild’s virtual conference/online forum on mLearning (big thank you to our leadership for helping to make this happen for us). Notes from yesterday (November 20): Session 1: Towards Personal, Mobile & Location … Continue reading

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Survey: Employers feel GenY and Web2.0 are significantly different

From Clive on Learning: How are employers responding to GenY and Web2.0 … based on this survey – they’re pretty much not responding. Clive notes: So, managers seem to find the subject interesting and recognise its importance, but either have … Continue reading

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Common Craft at it again: Podcasting in Plain English

Common Craft’s latest offering … Check it out Despite being around for years, podcasting is often misunderstood. This video is our way of building awareness and hopefully adoption of a technology that any computer user can use.

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