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post to Learn-Learn-Learn 07/29/2012

LukeW | Cross Device Design Patterns thoughts from Luke Wroblewski: “In a few years, there will be more connected devices in people’s hands than people in the World. That means multiple devices per person: a smartphone, a tablet, a connected … Continue reading

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Learning2010 – a deeper dive into Communities

Day 2, session 404 … #L2010 … at Learning2010 A great conversation facilitated by Diane Hessan. I have to admit that I hadn’t planned on attending this one … but her general session presentation inspired me to follow up … … Continue reading

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Day 2 Learning 2010 – recap: Mobile Support

#L2010 … I came in a bit skeptical – not so much about the use of mobile devices for support – I believe in that absolutely … but more about that there needs to be a distinction made between learning … Continue reading

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