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Knowledge Transfer – Hearing about this a lot lately

A term that I’ve been hearing a lot more is knowledge transfer … have been for the last several months now. And I’ve had an opportunity to develop a knowledge transfer methodology for a client (which is one reason for … Continue reading

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Library of Congress and Flickr

File this under this-is-the-coolest-thing-I’ve-read-today. The Library of Congress and photosharing site Flickr today announced a partnership that will put photos from the LoC’s collection online in a social environment and users to interact with them. The Library is home to … Continue reading

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Web3.0 – fuhgettaboutit. Can I get my 2.0 first?

( Link ) Network World – Gartner touts Web 2.0, scoffs at sequel said Tom Austin, a Gartner fellow …. “The biggest problem with Enterprise 2.0 is thinking about it as ‘what product do I buy and how many people … Continue reading

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Back – only to leave again for a short while

been waaaaaaay too long since I’ve last posted something (nearly a month!). Not for lack of desire … well … I’ll spare you the details. Monday and all next week I’ll be stuck inside meeting rooms with one of my … Continue reading

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Did You Know 2.0 – from shifthappens

Thinking about the characteristics of super-learners (note to self: make a comic of Super Learner) … one thing was sticking in my side, as it were … that we’re doing a real disservice to our kids/young people/new employees in their … Continue reading

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I like taking small steps

I’ve been following Harold Jarche’s posts lately on knowledge resilience and informal learning which really is a series of short entries … each one giving some great nuggets of info.  Here’s to get you started in his series … Small … Continue reading

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Enterprise 2.0 – "Social Networking within the firewall…"

Meet Charlie … an interesting Slideshare presentation that (IMHO) explains the concepts of this thing called enterprise 2.0 … extolling the use of RSS, wikis, blogs, social networking, web-based collaboration and project management, and podcasting, to name a few. Sounds promising, … Continue reading

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