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Quote attributed to C.S. Lewis, “Children are not deceived by fairy stories, they are often and gravely deceived by school.”

Tons of mobile learning resources (via @TheConsultantsE) … mLearning in Practice Course Resources … contains a lot of links to articles, blogs, and e-books.

Redefine the Workplace of the Future with Social Learning (via @simbeckhampson)

… as we get to witness how social networking tools are helping accelerate how effective we are not only at getting work done, but also learning efficiently while on the job (Yes, we are finally coming to terms with the fact that Learning is work, work is learning!, -thanks to social technologies- About time!!), time and time again we seem to be very keen on putting borders around such learning activities thinking that we can streamlined them and industrialise them accordingly, because otherwise that learning never happened. And yet, we all know that we just can’t do that. We just can’t formalise what we don’t even know, i.e. how people learn while on the job. They just do …

Authentic tasks & time travel » this dull-witted, learn-X-before-Y approach is a direct flight back to 1975 (via @tmiket)




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