this looks kinda cool – Ringmark: mobile browser test suite

Not a whole lot of fanfare about this one – at least not that I could find. But I found this interesting tool that seems to be easy to use and helpful in determining what is possible when developing mobile applications and mobile web experiences.

From Facebook developers – ringmark. (Also information at They explain it as:

The core concept behind Ringmark is based around the question of “what do developers need?”

Specifically, Ringmark is comprised of tests of core functionality that web developers need in order to build their apps. For example, orientation lock, which is important for games. Another example is camera functionality for social apps.

While helping mobile browser vendors test key features, it can also help them prioritize features by providing a clear road map for what is important for developers.

So I thought to give this a try … on my Firefox (version 13.0.1) … and this is what I see

So it passed all but one of the tests in “Ring 0.” And because it didn’t score 100% it considers the browser to have “failed” in Ring 0. And when a ring fails, it will not test for the other rings (Ring 1, and Ring 2). But Ring 0 has a lot going for it, and there’s no reason to lose hope … Because, scrolling down I can then see the ‘failed’ test in the gray …

Click to expand, and I see …

And that’s it – that’s all that “failed” in this first priority level.

And I’ve tried it on my Blackberry Bold (OS 7), and was also able to see what features it supported and which ones failed the test.

The other browser test I’ve used is … but Ringmark is different in that it prioritizes the type of functionality.


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