That “digital natives” thing again …

Can we just dispense with the “digital natives versus digital immigrants” thing, please? Here’s an infographic that proposes digital natives being more “wired” for mobile learning experiences … as opposed to whom? If I continue with the distinction of ‘native vs. immigrant,’ then I would have to assume “as opposed to people born prior to – oh, let’s say around 1980, perhaps even 1990.”

I think, though, that the case can be made for incorporating mobile technologies into learning experiences, whether they be for the classroom in the education system or for training programs in the corporate sector. But this isn’t about so-called ‘natives’ being more familiar or adept at using the technology. That mobile is something to be used now is more an aspect that mobile devices are prevalent and folks are accustomed to using them.

This infographic does, however, offer some interesting data – and this may be helpful in building a business case, if necessary, to develop a mobile learning strategy.

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Via: Voxy Blog

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