Untruth in advertising

Also titled, “If only your webinar content matched the title you gave it.”  Or, “Geez, I’d love to get that hour back in my life.”

So I attended a webinar – signed up for it basically from the title and the brief description given. It had to do with mobile learning, which is something that I work on in my organization and even lead a community of practice on it. After reading the all-too-brief description, I thought, “Sweet! This might be something even worth sharing with the community.”

I was quite wrong. Unfortunately, the presenters never touched on the nature of the title. Rather, it was a rehash of overview information that mobile learning is gaining traction and more and more people are doing it.

Really? Who would have thought that? [/sarcasm]

Then they moved to a list of companies that are using mobile learning. But didn’t show any of uses . . . no demos . . . just a quickie that so-and-so is using it.

Finally it then moved to an awkward demo of this company’s tool – as they now hawked the purchase and use of it. A quick glance at their site and the price of this thing is WAY out of the realm of possibility.

Ya know … I have no problem whatsoever with a company hawking their wares in a webinar format. I don’t mind that in the least. What I do resent is that neither the title nor the description included anything about this sales push.

Oh! And that mobile learning is gaining ground; that people and organizations are interested in it; that more and more folks are pursuing mobile learning … this is no longer news. And to my mind it’s not even worth mentioning any more.

[Gets off soapbox, places it neatly back under desk, and continues with the rest of the day]

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