Day 2 Learning 2010 – recap: Mobile Support

#L2010 … I came in a bit skeptical – not so much about the use of mobile devices for support – I believe in that absolutely … but more about that there needs to be a distinction made between learning and support. Have changed my mind a little bit as a result of the presentation.

So here are my notes in no particular order, along with some musings of mine along the way as items sparked other thoughts in my little brain.

The session was led by Bob Mosher, Conrad Gottfredson (am a fan of their work on performance support) and Judy Brown (THE mobile learning guru to my mind)

  • think more “mobile media for learning” rather than making a distinction between mobile support and mobile learning, each of which has its place.
  • Why mobile? Why now? … ubiquity – they’re everywhere; price point – to varying degrees they are more affordable; permeated in our life – these things are now with us and you can’t get away from them (not that you’d want to get away from them); the tech is more enabled – more computing power in my pocket than they had to send men to the moon, and these little things are incredibly powerful; ability to personalize.
  • think of it as enabling learning rather then creating a learning application. We’ll still develop learning apps, but mobile support today is about doing things with what’s out there now to enable folks to perform.
  • Mobile support is about enabling because the device itself is an enabler.
  • We just don’t have the time today to learn in the same way we did before (can’t invest the time to classrooms, virtual classrooms, and even WBT) – although those will never go away.
  • We may have to blend mobile learning and mobile support.
  • Support => the spacing effect … using timed triggers to continuously enable performance. Easier to do via mobile (text messages, links, checklists, etc.)
  • “Think outside the course”

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