‘Gen X’ and ‘Gen Y’ use tech … what a surprise?!?

From a ReadWriteWeb article, “Generations X and Y Lead the Way in Today’s Digital World,” they summarize a Forrester Research report and how they state:

just released its annual survey of American technology adoption, this time focusing on the generational divide. The findings, which arose from a survey of over 37,000 participants, reveal that when it comes to the adoption of digital tools and technology, the generation gap still exists, with Generation Xers and Yers far ahead of both Boomers and Seniors.

And this is a surprise … or a revelation of some kind? Puhleez!

So GenY-ers use the technology that is available to them … tech that they cannot remember a time without. Boomers, on the other hand, can remember a time without computers or smart phones and Facebook and all that … and they (gasp) are a bit slower to use all that new-fangled stuff. Who needed a study to arrive at this conclusion?

Yeah – my kid may be online in his social networks or playing games with folks all over the world; he may be texting constantly (had to get him an unlimited plan for that!); he watches music videos and entire shows online via Hulu or Fancast or YouTube, etc. Big deal. … … but he can’t crack open a computer to replace a graphics card or build a motherboard … well, actually he can because I showed him how to. 


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