if you call that customer service then why bother?

So there’s a notice on the bottom of a PAID utility bill from PSEG warning of a cutoff of services. And now we have to call their customer service department … which clearly is a misnomer since we are told that their collections group is responsible for these notices.
“Well can’t the customer service department contact your collections department to correct this?”

Apparently not … we have to make the phone call and we have to work with collections. Like two petulant children, I suppose, these two departments don’t talk to each other; so, a customer (me!) has to do all the schlepping to fix THEIR ERROR!

So I’m not entirely sure what their customer service department actually does now (other than piss off their customers). Hey, I have an idea!

How about actually – ummmm – serve your customers! Or at least give the impression that you’re willing to serve.

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