Portable isn’t really mobile

A few friends and I were standing in the lobby of a building and were talking about which actor was in a particular movie … we had a bit of disagreement. So, one of my friends took out her laptop, plugged it in, booted it up, waited, then went online …

Oh – wait …
No, that didn’t happen.

My friend took out her cellphone and just went straight to the IMDB site and got the answer in only a few seconds.
You see … the phone was already on; it doesn’t require any boot-up; she had the thing right in her pocket – it is truly a personal device rather than a laptop; it is something that she uses all the time … she’s used to it – habituated even – in using it for searching, communicating and researching.

Laptops have been around for quite awhile; and while they are good for what they are – just because they are portable doesn’t really mean that they are “mobile” in the sense of mobile learning or mobile working. 
And I will likely scream when I hear again and again at some other presentation or conversation about mLearning that laptops can be and should be part of the mix with all other portable form factors. They shouldn’t! because they are not used in anyway similar to personal mobile devices – and that’s the real power and potential of mlearning.


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