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For some reason the integration between this blog and my delicious bookmarks is kaplooey again, after working just fine for awhile. Here are some links to sites I found interesting:

HOW TO: Quiet the Twitter Noise

Unboxed – For Innovators, There Is Brainpower in Numbers –
Brainstorming, Mr. Boyd says, is the most overused and underperforming
tool in business today. Traditionally, brainstorming revolves around
the false premise that to get good ideas, a group must generate a large
list from which to cherry-pick. But researchers have shown repeatedly
that individuals working alone generate more ideas than groups acting
in concert.

Modern myths of learning: You only remember 10% of what you read – 30 Jun 2008
a glib, uncritical parroting of the unproven is not only useless in
itself, it also risks painting learning and development as a
mumbo-jumbo profession, supported by nothing more than
pseudo-scientific bunkum


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