If you could recommend just one blog

I’ve been trumpeting the virtues of web2.0 along with other colleagues for awhile at work. Not many people have taken up the challenge, sad to say (subject for another post I think).

Yet I did get one question posed to me today:
If you could recommend only one blog about elearning and web2.0, what would it be?

I’m curious as to what you think…

About Rory

I make my home in the central part of the Garden State along with my family. When I'm not working as an Instructional Designer (focusing mostly on Web-Based learning ... and other eLearning technologies) or researching something, I'm found at home playing computer or video games. Among other things, I volunteer as a choir member and catechist for 8th graders at my parish.
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One Response to If you could recommend just one blog

  1. B.J. Schone says:

    Hi Rory,

    I would recommend Brent Schlenker’s blog: http://elearndev.blogspot.com.

    Brent tends to be more on the cutting edge of learning and technology (including learning/web 2.0). He does a great job of seeing opportunities well ahead of other bloggers.

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