mLearning Virtual Conference Day 2 – My Notes

Okay – the elearning guild virtual conference on mLearning has finished. Overall – a decent conference that did offer some new and interesting information for me.

Session 4: Learning a-la-mode
– Really good session … tons of information … focused on how to do stuff rather than theory or statistical data.
– one slide showed data that of adults, 40% self identify as kinesthetic learners, whereas 35% self identify as visual and 25% self identify as auditory. Hmmmmm
Does this really mean a preference in actual manipulation of physical objects? Or is it more like adults tend to identify as “learn by doing?” And is this truly what is meant by kinesthetic?
Does multi-tasking and having multiple computer applications and screens and inputs on all at the same time really mean kinesthetic? Maybe this focus of learning styles is just not terribly relevant or useful. (Need to think of this one a bit more).

– learned tons about how to do audio and video podcasts. At Last! might have figured out a solution to the file size problem we’ve been having! Woo-hoo!
Need to explore the use of Hipcast, Audacity, Feedburner, Daniusoft and Moyea.

Session 5: So Much to Teach, So Little Space
– Another good session … this one focusing on the challenges in actually designing for mobile devices.

– Think about a “mobile divide” rather than a “digital divide”

– I am getting tired of the reality that there are so few development & authoring tools for mLearning. So few players in this space and have yet to be impressed with the ones that do exist.

Session 6: Closing Session – Preparing for Future Innovation
– Really disappointing! Not a discussion about future visions or even innovations. Way too much statistical data that won’t help me build a better business case for moving forward with our mLearning initiatives.
Went out with a whimper rather than a bang.

Because there were several concurrent sessions, I’m going to have to listen to the recording playbacks of those that I couldn’t attend (still haven’t mastered the ‘be-in-more-than-one-place-at-a-time’).


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