mLearning Virtual Conference Day 1 – My Notes

A colleague and I are attending the elearning guild’s virtual conference/online forum on mLearning (big thank you to our leadership for helping to make this happen for us).
Notes from yesterday (November 20):

Session 1: Towards Personal, Mobile & Location Based Learning Content Management
– presented by a speaker from Giunti Labs … wow! tons of information – really need to mull it over, digest it.
– loved: GIS … “Guttenberg Innovation Syndrome” … where one often hears, ‘that is very interesting but how would someone use this?’
– the future is now … it’s here. There are organizations actually doing this stuff so it’s not “bleeding edge” as one may think
– new term learned: marketecture
– so much of elearning is still web1.0 both in its development, deployment and mindset. Although there may be a lot of conversation (particularly in the blogosphere) about web2.0 there doesn’t seem to be a lot of its use – especially in how organizations think about the development and deployment of elearning content.
– mobile devices with GPS and then geotag the content which can be intelligently read and served by an LMS … learners are provided just-in-time and relevant content based on their own location. Brilliant!
– new term: learning pill
– (from one of the handouts for the session) “Mobile technology offers a different paradigm for learning. It allows it to be a continual process rather than a one-off event, a process whereby the learner is drip-fed content on an ad-hoc basis as and when questions arise in work or leisure.”

Session 2: Designing for the Three-Inch Screen
– great opportunity for participants to ask questions/share experiences. real learning via a community of interested person
– most who currently do mLearning focus its use more on performance support, just-in-time, in-the-field learning in bite sized chunks. Some are doing courses, but they are outnumbered by the performance support
– huge problem: there are so many difference devices each with their own differences in capabilities … need to design and develop to the lowest common denominator. Doesn’t make it “flashy or jazzy” but it gets the job done.
– if traditional elearning (aka WBT) is often thought of as “death by clicking” then how do we avoid “death by scrolling” in mlearning?
– some questions about whether there are studies about the degree of learning retention when content is deployed via mobile devices. … If the use is for performance support in the field – getting the info at point of need – then there isn’t need to measure or track learning retention since the proof is that the user successfully got the job done in the field.

Session 3: Practical Applications for Mobile Learning
this session was so doubleplusungood! I got pissed off during it … just not relevant and felt like the presenter was condescending to me
Ya know – when your source references are 10 years old, then I’m guessing you’re a bit out of date
I don’t need to be told about classic learning design theory
does anyone still use Pocket PC?

I’m looking forward to Day 2


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