Survey: Employers feel GenY and Web2.0 are significantly different

From Clive on Learning: How are employers responding to GenY and Web2.0 … based on this survey – they’re pretty much not responding. Clive notes:

So, managers seem to find the subject interesting and recognise its
importance, but either have no intention of doing anything differently
or don’t know where to begin.

(the emphasis is mine) I wonder why this attitude? My experiences of reasons why not to dive into the world of Web2.0 and such include

  • an IT process of rules that seem to be more about sticking to the rules rather than true innovation
  • a feeling of being overwhelmed with all things web2.0 to the point that executives and leaders don’t know what this phenomenon is (so they’ll hang their hat on throwing up a blog or wiki in the organization and consider it done)

So I can certainly understand the “don’t know where to begin” problem. But the “have no intention of doing anything differently” just seems to me to be really out of touch and – well – dumb.

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  1. focaljob says:

    do u know any web2.0 survey for education ??

  2. focaljob says:

    im intersted in the applications of web2.0 in education

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