Pew study on gaming “shatters stereotypes”

So, gamers are not pimply-faced teenage boys who sit in a darkened basement all by themselves with no hope of social skills or ‘real’ knowledge of how things work in the world … <sarcasm> huh – go figure … </sarcasm>.

Pew Internet has just released the findings of a study that pretty much indicate the “game playing is universal, diverse, often involves social interaction, and can cultivate teen civic engagement.” Just hoping that this information gets a wide distribution … because, let’s face it, the old myths are still out there and they need to whither and die.

“The stereotype that gaming is a solitary, violent, anti-social
activity just doesn’t hold up. The average teen plays all different
kinds of games and generally plays them with friends and family both
online and offline,” said Amanda Lenhart, author of a report on the
survey and a Senior Research Specialist with the Pew Internet &
American Life Project, which conducted the survey.

From the press release


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