39% Unsuccessful Search Rate Among Google Users

Hmmmm … news about a survey conducted by Boost eLearning (a self-proclaimed pioneer in Google search training for organizations) indicates that 39% of Google searches fail, which leads to lost productivity. And it is apparently 40+ hours of lost productivity.

Google is an incredibly powerful and
deceptively simple service, leading many training and learning
professionals to assume that Google is plug-and-play
and requires no specific instruction, said
Victor Alhadeff, CEO of Boost eLearning. Yet
according to real-world Google users, they are only finding the
information they need about 60 percent of the time. With this in mind, its
critical that learning professionals understand how they can help
employees increase their productivity and search accuracy by leveraging
the full functionality of Google.

(You have to contact Boost eLearning for a copy of the survey … I think they should make it available without any hoops, but that’s just me)

Yet this does bring up some questions in my mind … because for all of the times I use Google (which is quite a lot throughout any given workday) I’ve never been ‘formally trained’ in using it. I’m pretty sure that my organization doesn’t offer training in how to effectively use Google.

But should there indeed be formal training? I’d be more inclined toward creating informal learning opportunities where folks are given a variety of ways to increase their knowledge/understanding in how to use Google more efficiently. I just can’t get my mind around the need for a full-blow set of training courseware for this.

I wonder what other folks and organizations do … since Google is likely to be a preferred learning platform (much more so than any LMS).

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  1. I am not surprısıng to anything. But thanks..

  2. Good point about making it available with out hoops.

    I think we did that on this page:


    What else would you like?

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