Overheard: I don’t get it … and … I don’t do email

The other day I overheard two people talking about how they communicate with groups. The first person said that she just signed up for Facebook, and then said, “I just don’t get it.” The conversation proceeded … the first person indicated that she’d email some information. The second person then chimed in, “I don’t do email.”  The second person uses Facebook to communicate along with texting when mobile.

The one who doesn’t get Facebook is in their late 40’s. The second person who doesn’t do email is in mid-20’s. 

A light bulb went off in my mind – A-Ha! That’s a key difference between digital natives & immigrants … preference in medium to accomplish the same, or similar, tasks.  And this seems to confirm the study by JWT BOOM / Third Age … that “less than one-quarter of US Internet users ages 40 and over use social networking Web sites. ” 


Why don’t consumers 40 and older use MySpace and similar sites in greater numbers? Respondents said their main concerns were privacy, time and just not seeing the point.



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