Knowledge Transfer – Hearing about this a lot lately

A term that I’ve been hearing a lot more is knowledge transfer … have been for the last several months now. And I’ve had an opportunity to develop a knowledge transfer methodology for a client (which is one reason for my not blogging for such a long time).

Now with this project completed, I’ve been seeing this work being used by several different business units in my client’s organization – which was one of the intents in developing this methodology in the first place.

The methodology came from a need to be more efficient when transferring functions to an outsourcing partner. And now it is being used to consolidate departments along with transitioning business functions to other locations in the client organization.

One of the more interesting things (at least for me) is how the client has been looking at other companies that offer a knowledge transfer approach or knowledge transfer system – which is really a renamed and dressed-up knowledge management system. I guess that these other companies are looking to tap into this niche of knowledge transfer … but it seems to be more about just reselling KM systems as knowledge transfer. I suppose that organizations have a bit of bad taste in their mouths around knowledge management – having bought big and expensive systems that no one uses anymore. So, these companies are trying to reposition it as transfer rather than management. (You can dress up a pig … but it’s still a pig in the long run)

Is there a difference between KT (transfer) and KM (management) … I think so, based on this project’s work.

And over the next several days/weeks ahead I’m thinking of writing about my lil’ adventures into the KT world.


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