Sweet! Online genealogy database is free for me now – because I live in New Jersey

and all you need is a library card!

I had heard about HeritageQuest before … and just steered away from it because of it being subscription-based.  Although I’m quite interested in genealogy and family history – have been for quite some time; and made some rather interesting discoveries about my family – my free time to research comes in fits and starts.  There are times when I just don’t have any time to delve into the latest puzzle before me about my great-grandfather’s brother and the like. So, a subscription service is of little value to me because I’d be paying for something that I’m not likely going to use a whole lot.

I really do wish that I had more time to research the family history … but just not in the cards right now.

Then I learn just yesterday that the HeritageQuest database is available to me – to all New Jersey residents with a library card – for FREE. I got this information from our local historical society.  I tried it just this morning; and I’m loving it. 

I used to live in Washington DC and would go to the National Archives to look at the microfiche of US census records and other documents. Now I can view much of that online from my home. Awesome!

Here’s the how-to for us Garden State folk:

  1. go to www.jerseyclicks.com
  2. choose “custom search/choose your database”
  3. enter your library card bar code number to sign in
  4. scroll down to the genealogy heading and click “ProQuest Heritage Quest”

et voila!


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