Slashdot: US Control of Internet Remains an Issue  … my question: what is a truly good or compelling reason for this? I’ve not yet heard one – other than they just don’t like the U.S. having it. Gotta be a better reason than that.

(see also: U.S. Control of Internet Still A Concern)


Facebook’s Brilliant but Evil design … Lots of conversations in the tech blogs (and others) about Facebook ads. This article finally explains it to me – NOW I understand.


Email is for Old People, from Stephen’s Lighthouse … I’ve heard this before several times.  I’m not quite yet convinced. Time will tell, I suppose. 


Warner Music CEO Says War with Consumers Was Wrong … this one is from the “DUH” files.


Education is a two way street … Yep! What else is there to say? … read this post.


LinkedIn and the Future of Business Networking … I don’t use LinkedIn (yet) … and, by the way, if Fred Wilson wants to send me a friend request – I won’t refuse.


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