A different kind of code – Leonardo painted a piece of music perhaps

Just read: Leonardo painting has coded ‘soundtrack’ from Yahoo News & AP …

Now this is the kind of ‘code’ that is interesting to me because of the correlation between the visual and auditory – between the painting and the music it might suggest.  I’m reminded of the one bit of lyric in Stephen Sondheim’s musical Sunday in the Park with George where the lead character is calling out the necessary dynamics that make a good painting … one of them is harmony.

I don’t know if I accept the thesis in the news article that the Last Supper painting actually has a full-blown musical composition hidden within it … I’m skeptical for now.

Yet this got me thinking about how metaphors of both the visual arts (painting) and musical arts cross each other’s path … for example …

We might say that we were awashed in sound (archaic phrase, I know … but I have heard it)

I already mentioned the element of harmony in a painting

We might hear about the images evoked by a piece of music – more because of how we relate the visual and auditory than by any direct intention of the composer

… now I’m just rambling …


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