Web3.0 – fuhgettaboutit. Can I get my 2.0 first?

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Network World – Gartner touts Web 2.0, scoffs at sequel

said Tom Austin, a Gartner fellow …. “The biggest problem with Enterprise 2.0 is thinking about it as ‘what product do I buy and how many people are using it.’ This isn’t an issue of provisioning telephone service.”

Web 2.0 is coming into your business whether you want it to or not, because the line between work and personal lives is blurring and digital natives … are moving into the corporate world.

“Your users will do it behind your back, bring this stuff in and make it part of their processes, and eventually you’ll have to deal with it anyway”

Anonymity should typically not be allowed because it will be abused, analysts said. But placing too many restrictions will stifle innovation, so be prepared to “repair some vandalism,” as one analyst put it.

One of the sections of this week’s upcoming presentation I’m doing for a client organization touches on some of these points … it’s here; it’s not going away.


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