NY Times article: brain gets bigger with exercise

(Read the entire article here )… Turns out that physical exercise is good for your brain as well as your body.

Conventional wisdom had long held that animal (and human) brains weren’t malleable: after a brief window early in life, the brain could no longer grow or renew itself. The supply of neurons — the brain cells that enable us to think — was believed to be fixed almost from birth. As the cells died through aging, mental function declined. The damage couldn’t be staved off or repaired.

Au contraire! Not so! The article explains a couple of studies that seem to demonstrate that physical exercise actually induces neurogenesis – the making of new neurons … your brain can regenerate … though they’re not entirely sure how it all works (just yet)

Now — I just saw Brent Schlenker’s post on this, too …

So, the collective genius of the educational powers cancelling sports and extracurricular activities in favor of the 3Rs might have done more harm then good?
Gee, I’m shocked!

Love it!


And you gotta check out page 2 where it says that chocolate can help in spatial memory. I’m stocking up now … just have to get off my butt to walk to the pantry. Does that count as exercise?


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