I like taking small steps

I’ve been following Harold Jarche’s posts lately on knowledge resilience and informal learning which really is a series of short entries … each one giving some great nuggets of info.  Here’s to get you started in his series …

Small steps toward knowledge resilience

Step 1: Free your bookmarks

Step 2: Aggregate

Short, simple, direct, easy to follow … all attributes I enjoy and need … and I think, too, that this is the type of presentation of web2.0 for my clients and their users that are still unfamiliar with this stuff and who may feel a bit threatened with all the change and buzzwords associated with it.

I’m reminded on a near-daily basis that many many many folks in the real world of my business clients don’t read up on the latest news or opinions or technology reviews through an RSS reader/aggregator … that they are terribly confused by the idea of social networking and social bookmarking … and that they’re wary about the wisdom of the crowds when it comes to wikis or blogs and the like.

By presenting short and sweet steps the way Harold’s been doing is a way I can help the client move toward understanding if not acceptance or use.

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