Collaboration isn’t easy. Duh! But ignore at your peril

Irwin Lazar at Collaboration Loop has an article: Collaboration Is Hard, Let’s Go Shopping … where he opines about his experiences with organizations who try to deploy collaboration tools and platforms.

In my conversations with enterprises I’ve seen hodge-podge of tools, often brought into the enterprise by a member of a workgroup who then vainly tries to get the other members of the workgroup to use the tool, but lacking the authority to force the use, or buy-in from management, his (or her) efforts falter, and the tool goes on the shelf into the dustbin and everyone goes back to e-mail.

So much for ‘grass roots’ injection of tools to improve communication, coordination and workflow across the organization.  I count myself as one of those little guys who has no authority to force the use of something … yet that’s not stopped me from bringing things to my projects (wikis and the like).

Then I found this article by Melanie Turek …

… collaboration affects financial performance, product quality and innovation, and employee productivity—but it has the most impact on customer satisfaction, where it accounts for 41% of the forces driving that metric.

Hmmmmmm … all is not lost … especially if organizations get it that this stuff has a real impact to their bottom line.


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