Another mythbuster

Blasting the Myth of the Fold from Boxes and Arrows’  Milissa Tarquini busts the very well-worn and worn-out myth held by website sponsors and designers that there should be no scrolling and that the ‘good stuff’ should be above the fold … using research from AOL.

And it got me to wondering about all those interfaces for web-based training. While I’m all for branding an image … and after all, how a learning dev organization presents it product (i.e., the WBT) is one way to extend and reinforce its brand … and this requires consistency in the design of the onscreen interfaces …

BUT the only answer to my questions why were because that’s just the way it is.

“Why don’t we allow scrolling on a WBT page? Why must it be one page at a set resolution where the learner has to click a ‘next’ button to continue reading the content – essentially breaking up the flow of reading for the learner?”

“Because that’s the usability decision we’ve made. People prefer to not have to scroll.”


Okay – who are these people referred to in the above? And can I talk to them?

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